Freitag Zippelin Duffle Bag With Inflatable Frame

Freitag Zippelin Inflatable Bag 1

Created from reprocessed truck tarps, the bag carries the original images and designs of its past life, offering the bag a distinctive look that’s less likely to appear like something else at the baggage claim.

The Freitag Zippelin is an 85-liter journey bag that seems like a combination between a duffel bag and a rolling suitcase. Simply put, it’s like a huge duffel with wheels. It is large at 16.5 x 33.5 x 10 inches. Therefore this is purely a check-in baggage. In contrast to standard canvas bags, it doesn’t feature a frame. Rather, the bag is withheld using interior hoses (similar tube for 28-inch bike tires) that you may pump up when using the bag and deflate when setting it away. It became necessary after an early prototype ended up too heavy due to the built-in frame, which pressured the team to get a little more innovative with their style.

Freitag Zippelin Inflatable Bag 2

Freitag Zippelin Inflatable Bag 3

Freitag Zippelin Inflatable Bag 4