Former NASA Engineer Creates Mini Camper: The Firefly

FireflyNASA developer Garrett Finney quit the iconic space organization in 2009 to go after his dream of creating and developing his own, lightweight, DIY recreational camper. It may have appeared like kind of an unusual dream, during the time, for any spaceship-visionary designer to possess. That’s until you see his creation.

Finney’s design is known as the “Firefly”, and it’s a compressed and practical next-gen trailer built to fit in the rear of a truck, in any other case towed on a small truck. Firefly 6

Simply because the Firefly is straightforward, does not mean that it lacks other features. The buyer can customize the camper with a selection of products, including power and lighting devices. The ribbed external surfaces is made for bolting, and it can be employed to attach stuff that would typically be on the interior – such things as a kitchen counter and drinking water system. You can also mount tools and camping gear to the outside.Firefly 5

Further than providing campers and outdoorsmen a light-weight refuge and equipment box, Finney thinks the Firefly being helpful for all sorts of professional purposes, like as momentary shelter for catastrophe relief. It provides a couple of legs in order that it can stand just outside of a pickup bed or truck.

Firefly 4

Firefly 3

Firefly 2