Floating Seahorse Boat in Dubai

the Floating SeahorseDubai is renowned for its luxurious development initiatives, revolving skyscrapers, such as the indoor ski resorts, and “miracle gardens”. However, the most recent undertaking, “The Floating Seahorse Boat,” is extremely luxurious: it is a floating house with underwater suites. Dubai builder Kleindienst Group exposed the aesthetically spectacular renderings for “The Floating Seahorse” during the Dubai International Boat Show. It is said they are going to develop 42 of the buildings, which are basically boats with no propulsion, and intend to have them created in 2016. The floating homes were designed and built to be a section of “The World,” Dubai’s big man-made island undertaking.

floating house

The buoyant buildings will have 3 levels: a primary floor at sea level, an upper deck, as well as an underwater level. The main bedroom and loo will be totally submerged, with breathtaking underwater landscapes. Each home features 3 levels, the base of which being under water. The house consists of an open plan living area, kitchen area and dining area within the main floor, while a backyard shower, glass-bottomed jacuzzi and mini bar are hidden up top. About the underwater floor, a master bedroom and room provide crystal clear sights of the encompassing marine life due to the huge windows. The homes will start being constructed in the 2nd half of this year, completing development in 2016.

floating house 2

floating house 3

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