Levitating Turntable

levitating-turntable-1Introducing the world´s very first levitating turntable! Designed by MAG-LEV Audio, the exceptional device is meant for people who value good quality sound and revolutionary style. The gravity-defying record player aesthetically improves the experience of enjoying vinyl records by making the platter float.

The drive mechanism within this turntable is exactly where all the wonder is, it may not only have magnetic levitation, but this also keeps the extremely accurate turn of the platter with detector regulating software program. Air is the cleanest medium with least volume of friction, which even more enhances this project into an absolutely exclusive listening experience. It is possible to rotate between 33rpm and also 45-rpm with simply a turn of a key, and an understated orange lighting provides the turntable a soft, ultramodern feel, and further improves the visual effects of levitation even though the lighting is off. Take a look at the video below.