Fishbit Aquarium Monitor Mobile App

Fishbit Aquarium Monitor 1If perhaps you’re some kind of aquarist or aquarium enthusiast, novice or at least, you have come across that heart-sinking feeling once you see a dead fish in your tank. It’s way too common experience and one that the founding organization at Current Labs considers as completely avoidable in many instances, thanks to the technology development that create an aquarium health remote surveillance and management. They’ve produced the FishBit, which is kind of like a Fitbit for fish tanks, but with a far more extensive outline of the whole aquatic habitat.

Fishbit Aquarium Monitor 2

FishBit is an app and linked tool to examine and manage the aquarium’s water structure to assist your tank’s health. FishBit BETA is a machine that calculates pH, salinity and temperature, a remote control for your other aquarium tools such as lighting and pumps, and an app on hand on your smartphone or perhaps web browser. The associated Fishbit smartphone app enables users to verify tank stats everywhere on the planet and obtain comprehensive details on water chemical composition.