Executive Drop Mic

Executive Drop Mic 1

The Executive Drop Mic is a prop mic from a durable metal, making sure you can drop it as frequently as you would like on any surface area without having it break all over the floor. There is no real tech inside, so it won’t magnify your voice when you talk into it, even though it allows you to create a “mic drop” action whenever you feel you’ve done a prosperous speech.

The Executive Drop Mic is based upon expert microphones like what singers use as they perform on stage. As such, it appears absolutely genuine, filled with the same weight and look. It is intended solely for making a “mic drop” gesture, as well, so it is strengthened at the correct areas to make sure it can remain unbroken even though you abuse the gesture again and again. And, yes, it is bulky enough to harm floors and items it ends up striking, so you best keep your microphone drops away from possibly delicate areas.


Executive Drop Mic 2