EMILY Robotic Lifeguard

EMILY Robotic Lifeguard 1

The EMILY, the EMergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard, can indeed prove more effective at rescuing people in the water. Created by maritime robotics firm Hydronalix, it is a remote-controlled buoy device that can move through powerful currents and heavy surf at a velocity of around 22 miles per hour. Allowing it to go a heck of a lot faster compared to any human lifeguard ever could, making sure they’ll have a much better shot of getting to a drowning swimmer on time.

EMILY is a 4-foot long buoy that appears like an enormous floating bag. Driven by a jet pump with an inlet grate, it features no rudders or propellers that may hurt the victims it’s trying to save, with sufficient grab handles to aid up to 8 people at the same time. It can only run as much as 800 yards each time, so it is not quite ideal for long-distance swimming recovery missions, even though it can be utilized to pull a rescue rehab line, which can then be used to reel saved swimmers either to a vessel or back to the coast.

The rescue gear is tough enough to deal with anything the waters can throw its way; therefore it can be securely maneuvered around ruins and debris. Each one comes with two-way receivers, a video camera that channels to an associated app, and onboard lights for night rescues.

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