Ecoqube Air – World’s First Desktop Greenhouse

Ecoqube Air Desktop Greenhouse 2

The EcoQube Air is a sealed greenhouse sized for your table and gives you the ability cultivate in any condition.

In exchange for giving it a place to live, the EcoQube Air will refresh the room for everyone – every hour or so the greenhouse plant will disperse around 450 cubic feet of clean air.

EcoQube Air technology requires little care since they carry integrated, full-color spectrum LED lights for best plant development. You can stop and control the lights yourself if you would like from an associated smartphone app. Along with different development and weather-mimicking options, they have smart light remedy settings to help enhance your sleep and consciousness, along with a sunrise alarm system and dimmer if you wish to set the EcoQube Air to go with your routine.

An EcoQube Air premium UV type also features a UV filter to purify the encircling air further. It makes bacteria, viruses, and mold dormant.



Ecoqube Air Desktop Greenhouse 3

Ecoqube Air Desktop Greenhouse 4