Echo Spot Alarm Clock – The Cutest Looking Amazon Alexa Device

Echo Spot Alarm Clock 1

Designed just like spherical alarm clocks, the gadget mixes the small form element with a round 2.5-inch screen that can show some data to make sure you keep updated the whole day. It may also play video clips just like the Echo Show.

Apart from the screen, the Amazon Echo Spot also features a front-facing digital camera, so you may use it to make video calls, work as a baby monitor, and any other use-cases folks are locating helpful with their Echo Show. While not used to show details, stream video, or display song lyrics, the screen can exhibit the time like an ordinary digital clock, creating the coolest alarm clock ever.

Similar to other Echo gadgets, it also acts as a speaker that you may use to enjoy music and talk with Alexa. A 4-microphone range guarantees it will hear all your instructions loud and clear, given you’re within a fair distance from the machine, with actual controls on the top which makes it easy to use the tool while still resting in bed early each morning. Both the mics and the digital camera can be switched off, by the way, for those who feel iffy about getting both of those things operating 24/7.

Echo Spot Alarm Clock 2

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Echo Spot Alarm Clock 4