Dude Wipes

dude wipes

Have you heard of wipes made just for men? Introducing the Dude Wipes, it is the very first flushable wipes for Guys. Dude Wipes is a type of disposable wipes designed by Dude Products, a Chicago-based business enterprise. As outlined by the firm, Dude Wipes are flushable, naturally degradable and consist of Vitamin E and aloe. Every single wipe is packed separately and is odorless. One wipe is 44 square inches in dimension.

These flushable wipes are made to provide you, tough guy, a more pleasurable experience at the rest room, and no one out there that doesn’t want that. Nature may call at anytime, so when it does, Dude Wipes has your back. (Pun intended!) They also happen to be ideal for an easy clean up of your face, hands, underarms, and dude parts.


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