DJI Spark Drone – Folds and Controlled By Hand Gestures

DJI Spark Mini Drone 1

The DJI Spark drone can fold down to the size and weight of one can of soda. But even more amazing it can be operated with nothing but hand gestures, enabling you to quickly direct it what to do, when to stop, and when to take a picture. With this “Selfie” feature, the drone can soar up to only ten ft away, so you can’t take a long distance selfie by depending only on motion settings.

With the analog remote control and the associated app, the DJI Spark can be operated similar to a typical drone, either manually or through one of the many autonomous recording flight settings. It offers a built-in 12-megapixel camera that can snap 1080p video so that you can use it as an appropriate substitute for bigger, more burdensome quadcopters. The optimum rate is 31 miles per hour, so this is pretty an eligible flyer, even though the smaller battery only gives it 16 minutes of air time before needing more energy. Attributes involve a video transfer range of 1.2 miles, a 2-axis specialized gimbal, and the typical selection of safety attributes present in DJI’s other drones.


DJI Spark Mini Drone 2 DJI Spark Mini Drone 3