Destiny Battele’s Drone Defender Rifle


The wide-spread popularity of drones has led to some security concerns since the authorities lack the proper technology to manage the increasing menace. Some homeowners are turning dangerous option to deal with unwanted drones like using a shotgun. To solve this problem, Battelle Innovations created its DroneDefender, an anti-drone system built to disable drones without blasting it out the sky, safe and harmless alternative to shotguns.

The new  Destiny Battele’s Drone Defender Rifle utilizes radio pulses to deal with a drone by disabling it within a 400-m radius. It sends out pulses to hinder the drone’s communications system, disallowing its controller. The safety protocols of the drone then kick in, it either hover, go back to its controller, or go down slowly to land. Since the rifle jams communication, the DroneDefender additionally prevents detonation and some other remote functions.