Cut-Resistant Kevlar Sleeves


Surprisingly, many of the reviews for Cut-Resistant Kevlar Sleeves are for cat owners, pet groomers and to those who work with the mentally disabled and the elderly but aren’t for mechanics, welders, landscapers or even motorcyclists. There is too much debate on how this will protect the wearer’s hand from cuts and gouges while working with sharp tools, and from bites and scratches of animals. However, most users of Cut-Resistant Kevlar Sleeves appreciate its use. Including to the list is the man who wears it while handling his hunting falcon.

Designed with double-ply construction the cut-resistant sleeves ensures a double protection. It measures 18 inches long that covers both the back of the hand and palm. It provides strength and cut-resistance with the ANSI level four cut ratings, plus a UV protection for riders, outdoor workers as well as gardeners. Available now, priced at $25.99 only.