Room One Surface Curved Wood Speaker Is Made Of Nothing But Transducers And Slab Of Oak

Room One Surface Curved Wood Speaker 1

Room One Surface Curved Wood Speaker looks more like a classy wooden sculpture or wall accessory than a speaker mounted on a wall. It is like a skateboard deck or a substantial wooden Frisbee. Nevertheless, it is fitted to pump out all of your songs like any speaker you own around the house.

The device is a Bluetooth speaker that is made for walls, where it can appear like an elaborate sculpture you’re flaunting rather than being a component of your entertainment system. It includes a thin, rounded panel of wood with transducers on its edges that are built to face the wall. Once initialized, those transducers send the incoming audio signal to the wooden panel in the form of vibrations, making it resonate and create audible sound waves. Indeed, the wood plays the specific music. As outlined by Room One, they selected oak as the component for the wood due to its natural acoustic attributes.

Beyond mere appearance, the concave design of the wood, in fact, allows a more balanced sound distribution, aiding the speaker’s capacity to fill the space with sound. Based on the fact that its primary appeal appears to be the unique characteristics of a sculptural speaker style rather than acoustic brilliance, we guess it’s something for typical consumers who want a loudspeaker that’s a real conversation piece instead of audio gear for selective audiophiles.



Room One Surface Curved Wood Speaker 2

Room One Surface Curved Wood Speaker 3

Room One Surface Curved Wood Speaker 4