Crosspoint Fully Waterproof Socks

Crosspoint Fully Waterproof Socks 4

Never allow cold wet feet spoil your outdoor activities and entertainment! A company designed Crosspoint Waterproof Socks to fix the saturated toe trouble and to enable your feet to dry up while biking, running, trekking, any outdoor hobby in damp areas.

Created by the group at Shower Pass, every single pair of Crosspoint Fully Waterproof Socks is totally waterproof because of the brand’s 3-layer development procedure.

On its exterior, a wear repellent knit exterior seems a lot like your conventional set of socks, as an Artex covering that is not just water resistant, but additionally breathable fabric is located right below the exterior coating. Sitting nearest to the feet is a comfy Merino-wool moisture wicking and anti-bacteria coating that will offer the sensation of a wool sock with the water fortification of a rain boot.


Crosspoint Fully Waterproof Socks 3