Creature Craft Whitewater Raft Designed to Never Capsize

Creature Craft Whitewater Raft 1


The Creature Craft whitewater raft is designed to never capsize. It features a trademarked roll cage layout that allows the vessel to sit on its side rather than turning over entirely, letting you conveniently move it into an erect position. As outlined by the manufacture, it can also be done with every person left seated on the watercraft – just have everybody move their weight appropriately to push the raft to go back to its preferred position.

They provide seven models of whitewater rafts, which also come in various sizes to support your requirements. Each one offers durable carry handles, convertible tops, self-bailing floor surfaces,  urethane covering, passenger seat support frames, and extra paddle seats.

Creature Craft Whitewater Raft 2

Creature Craft Whitewater Raft 3