Conor Mcgregor F*ck-you Pinstripe Suit

Conor Mcgregor Fck-you Pinstripe Suit 1

You can now buy the famous “f*ck you” suit which was worn by MMA fighter Conor McGregor in his very first media face off with Floyd Mayweather.

The suit, which on initial look seems typical, replaces pinstripes for the phrases “f*ck you” all the way through. In an evening of daring proclamations as well as personal barbs, it had been arguably the major talking point and instantly went viral.

The attire was personalized for McGregor by high-class LA tailors David August. Today, for a restricted time, the business is adding the material as an option in its made-to-measure selection. Every single suit will come numbered and also signed by business owner David August.

Conor Mcgregor Fck-you Pinstripe Suit 2

Conor Mcgregor Fck-you Pinstripe Suit 3