Coding for Kids – Makewonder Fun Way for Kids to Learn Programming

Dash and Dot 1Wonder Workshop develops robots that help teach coding for kids. The the firm has created pretty cool robots called “Dash and Dot” are blue and orange, one-eyed, round and very chatty. They are able to identify things surrounding them (to avoid bumping into surfaces) and react to light and sound.

The robots were built to be “emotionally enticing,” and encourage kids’ creativeness and really fuel their imagination. The method in which the head and eye move independent of the body, that turns involvement. They also wanted it to be unique and cool– so it possesses three legs and one eye.

Wonder Workshop has designed 4 various apps to use with Dash and Dot that aim to instruct programming and coding instruction through paths, mazes, music, and puzzles. Kids learn through play. Mixing an actual robot with coding fires up a child’s visualization, encourages dreams, and develops confidence.

This is the perfect device for parents who want to give their kids an opportunity to build skills that will be very valuable in their future careers as well as an outlet for positive creativity. [Purchase]

Dash and Dot 2