Cinera Personal Movie Theater Viewer Without Wearing a Heavy Headset

Cinera Personal Movie Theater Headset 1

The immersive, intimate theater headset allows you to experience watching on a massive screen comparable to those on movie cinemas without needing to move away from the couch or have a real home theater set up in your house. You will be enjoying movies in a resolution 3 times clearer compared to those in movie theaters, to help you enjoy huge screen viewing without needing to leave the house, commute to the theater, and purchase costly popcorn.

The Cinera includes a headset much like VR and AR rigs, except for the headband that typically comes for wearing it on the head. Given that this is for movie viewing, they dumped the headband for an arm that can be modified at different heights and posture to keep the headset right into the front of your face. Doing this, you can just incline back on the sofa, pull the headset right to the line of sight, and chill out, with no serious gadget pulling down on your face. You can set it towards any viewing spot, to help you use the headset even when standing, sitting, or lying on your back in the room.

It operates Android 6.0, with 16GB of built-in storage, to help you deploy your best video streaming as well as video player programs to get content onto the gadget. Built-in Wi-Fi guarantees you can get onto the local network without hassle, as an SD card slot and also USB input enables you to connect your video compilation for playing on the headphones. There’s also an High-definition multimedia interface input if you wish to watch content from the Xbox One, Blu-ray player, or PlayStation 4 on a massive cinema-like display screen.

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