China Floating Solar Power Plant

China Floating Solar Power Plant 1

China has released the biggest suspended solar panel area on earth. It’s finally been linked to the nearby power grid. Situated in the city of Huainan in the Anhui state, the 40-megawatt area was developed by Sungrow Power Supply Company. Strangely enough, the floating grid itself was designed over an inundated former coal-mining area.

These floating apparatuses free up land in more occupied regions and also decrease water evaporation. The much cooler air at the site also helps ensure that the solar cells maintain efficiency.

This change to solar power is in huge part because of the quickly dropping expense of the technology alone. By 2020, China could decrease costs by a 3rd and solar power plants expected to compete with coal amenities within ten years. The nation has also declared plans to boost its use of non-fossil energy options by 20%.