Caterpillar s60 Heavy Duty Smartphone

Caterpillar is mainly recognized for its construction equipment and gear. Now it is taking its tough-as-nails knowledge and reputation to your mobile phone. The Caterpillar S60 Smartphone has focused on the industrial user with a durable design and lots of offers that are useful at a job site. ThisĀ Caterpillar s60 Heavy Duty Smartphone will be the best phone to carry for contractors, construction workers, engineers and anyone with a rugged job.

This phone boasts the world’s very first built-in FLIR thermal camera, ideal for stuff like finding heat loss around home windows or doors, recognizing dampness, or identifying misfit electrical home equipment. It is as durable as you’d assume, with a Mil-Spec 810G case that will endure drops of 1 .8 meters and is water-resistant to 5 meters, a diecast framework, and a 4.7-inch touchscreen display with an automatic wet finger and glove aid. And while the specifications are hardcore it is suitable for everyday non-work usage. [Purchase: $500]