Camping Stakelight LED Tent Stake

Camping Stakelight LED Tent Stake 2
Anyone who’s tried camping many times has probably experienced tripping on the lines or stakes of the tent. This is a common scenario at the camping site particularly at night when its dark. The innovative Camping Stakelight LED Tent Stake from UCO illuminates the stake to avoid this usual situation.

Despite the fact that it’s the “great” outdoors, camping in properly organized camping grounds usually features tight quarters. Just as much as you’d want to be able to wander around stakes and lines, occasionally it’s almost impossible. And, the darker it becomes, the more difficult it is.

UCO, a producer of landscape lights items, provides a simple remedy for this age old problem. The StakeLight comes with an integrated 17-lumen LED lighting enveloped in waterproof casing. Face it at the tent to illuminate the entry way, or perhaps face it outward to obviously tag its spot.