Bush Smarts Bear Star


Even though the Bush Smarts Bear Star appears and sounds like something used to kill grizzly bears, it is actually a line-throwing gadget for safeguarding your extra food from being consumed by bears at nighttime. Included are a titanium line clip, high visibility string and titanium line thrower for quickly safe guarding that last piece of grilled meat.

You can now suspend your bear bag easily, thus sleeping soundly after dark without the fret of fury burglars snatching your food before morning. Their line thrower boosts both precision and range without looking for a rock or aiming to tie a knot as well.

Along with the easy installation, the Bear Star retains your line tangle free so it’s constantly ready when the appetite pangs return. The style quickly anchors to the tree without needing it to be tied, offers high-visibility red points, is compact, and manufactured using a titanium material. Every single object includes 50ft of 2.75mm hi-viz reflective line, attributes 250-pounds of tensile power, and can hold as much as 50-pounds of gear.