Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Rugged Hamburger Sized Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker 1

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker is the most compact speaker in the SoundLink collection. The gadget is for people on the go like you and want have your tunes playing out loud as you hike up a track, unwind on the sand by the pool, or fish in a quiet body of water that’s just too tranquil for your taste. At 3.9 inches on all corners, it’s compact enough to fit in some pockets easily (it’s the same size as a hamburger) and odds are, this thing will get in just as conveniently. It also features a tear-resistant band in the back for affixing to handlebars, backpack ties, and other equipment.

Given that it’s created for use outdoors, the loudspeaker is for reliable efficiency. That starts with a physique cut in silicone latex, letting it be dropped, stepped on, and sat on unintentionally without shattering, all while displaying massive toughness to dents and scrapes. It’s also water-resistant following IPX7 standards so that you can expose it in areas of about 3 .3 feet for about 30 minutes without getting damages. You can bring it while mountain-climbing, snow boarding, or backpacking at your own risk.

Trying to keep it small while sounding good, of course, has its disadvantages. In the Bose SoundLink Micro’s situation, that’s a little battery life of only six hours, so you’ll certainly want to carry a power bank in tow if you intend to carry it out for an entire day of enjoying your playlists. Additionally, they dumped an AUX port for a wired interconnection to your music source, so you’ll have to depend on a Bluetooth connectivity, which offers a 30-foot range, for all your audio needs.


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