BondicEVO Liquid Plastic Repair Tool

BondicEVO Liquid Plastic Repair Tool 1


BondicEVO is a customized model of the original Bondic plastic welding device. The new product keeps the same system as the original Bondic, all while arriving with a brand new style for both the pen applicator along with the UV curing ingredient. To the unfamiliar, the initial version utilized standalone options for the applicator and the UV light, which means you first apply the item using the pen, then grab the UV light to treat it.

The BondicEVO, alternatively, brings together both items in one handheld device, so you can easily move to curing the plastic once you put it on by just switching on the light and focusing the lighted head at the particular spot. With two tools in one, it is also a little larger in size than the older model, which should ensure it is much harder to misplace or lose, all while offering a stable and ambidextrous grab that’s far more comfortable than the previous system. They also installed it with a stronger UV LED to allow a quicker curing time than the 4 seconds it requires the original.

BondicEVO Liquid Plastic Repair Tool 2

BondicEVO Liquid Plastic Repair Tool 3