Boncho Bike Poncho – They Finally Invented It

Boncho Bike PonchoWaterproof vests and ponchos might possibly make sure you keep dry when you are out for a walk, however, they don’t really cut it when you are on a bicycle. The arms and legs remain uncovered and it makes for a cold, soaked and unpleasant trip. The Boncho Bike Poncho, nevertheless, works like a pop-up camping tent to keep bicyclists dry.

Instead of creating an item that connects to the user’s bicycle, as is the situation with such other examples, Vanmoof has basically customized the kind of waterproof top that bike riders might already be putting on when it rains. It details the final model as a “full-body bike poncho.”

Although it is quite similar to a standard rain poncho for biking, the Boncho has an extra semi-rigid area that runs over the handle bars, shielding the wearer’s lower limbs from the heavy rain and keeping them dry. It’s for sale in 2 colors, mint and gray, with 3 various sizes. If not being used, the exceptional poncho folds up and suits within a little pouch.