Bobine Watch Flexible Stand for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Nightstand 1

The first batch of Apple Watch stands usually stuck to an easy method – a short steel or wood stand with a little area to put the inductive recharging section of the wire.

Although that is perfect for some circumstances, you may need a much more versatile remedy. So the Bobine Watch from Fuse Chicken was created for that purpose. The firm is renowned for its Bobine stand for the Apple iPhone. In case you haven’t heard of it, the Bobine essentially incorporates a charging stand, cable, and tripod into a single metal-wrapped item. The two connectors are combined straight onto the elastic metallic cable.

Thankfully for Fuse Chicken, their Bobine Watch stand is incredibly adaptable to various scenarios. The Bobine Watch is specifically placed to give good result with Nightstand Mode and with almost any watch band too. It could be realigned to any position from horizontal to vertical. Bobine Watch Flexible Stand also include an automobile dashboard clip so you can use your Apple Watch as a Wireless Bluetooth speaker phone in your car or truck! [Purchase]

Apple Watch Nightstand 2

Apple Watch Nightstand 3