Billionaire Spent $627 Million Pimping Out His Boeing 747

This is what you can do as a past time when you have millions in your pocket, doing what others cannot do, building jaw-dropping projects or perhaps convert a Boeing 747 into a flying mansion!

A billionaire got bored and spent $627 million to renovate his own Boeing 747 to make it look unique and stunning and impress others.

These astonishing photographs display a massive jumbo plane that’s been converted into a high-class home for an unknown billionaire businessman.

Check below the amazing photos of the interior of the plane that will make you want to own one. (Or maybe you can get a scaled down version of your dream jet)

Boeing-747 3

The plane includes sleeping rooms, several lounges as well as an onboard cafe.

Boeing-747 2

The massive jet would typically transport as much as 600 passengers – but this type was designed for just one single rich man, although he’ll be capable of fit a large number of visitors.

Boeing-747 4

The visitors will surely enjoy the lounge.

Boeing-747 5

Boeing-747 6

The dining area is high-class and fully furnished. It can also be a conference room while the plane is on its way.

Boeing-747 7

Boeing-747 8

Checking each room will you make feel like you are not on an airplane.

Boeing-747 9

The jet has 8 double beds for other passengers.

Boeing-747 10

Boeing-747 11


Here’s a much better glance at the interior planning.

Boeing-747 12