Biem Butter Sprayer Uses A Stick of Real Butter

Biem Butter Sprayer 1
The biēm butter sprayer is the first-ever butter sprayer that converts an actual stick of butter into a fluid spray in only just a few seconds. To make use of the sprayer, place a stick of butter on the top of the apparatus. While grasping the sprayer by its own silicon handle, take aim onto the foodstuff of choice or even an object in a stable movement and in seconds, butter converts into spray because of heat and air flow. The sprayer melts the butter at only just 95 degrees without it overheating.

This butter sprayer can also be designed with an accelerometer that monitors any time the owner has grabbed the device, enabling a quick on and off feature. The Biēm was created with a unique patent-pending nozzle to be able to avoid jamming — this allows for proper part management, cutting about fifty percent the calories usually used. Because the person can use any stick butter, this removes the worry of ingesting butter with any synthetic components or chemicals that’s found in the pre-made sprays.


Biem Butter Sprayer 2

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