Beyond Zero Liquor Ice Maker Can Turn Any Alcoholic Drink Into Ice Cubes In Minutes

Beyond Zero Liquor Ice Maker

Labeled as a “turbo ice machine,” the specialized device’s sole objective in is to convert alcohol into an icy form. Regardless of whether you want ice cubes made up of gin, tequila, or whiskey, it allows you to get them in just a few minutes.

To be able to freeze alcoholic beverages, the Beyond Zero Liquor Ice Maker attains temperatures under -112 deg Celsius, making sure it beyond ethanol’s -114-degree melting point. It is easy to fill the alcohol from the top within the chamber, even though they also have an area that sucks it through a tethered pipe, most likely for bars and dining places who will need to generate frozen liquor in larger amounts. It can consist to 4 quarter-ounce cubes at any given time, which it spits out as little as 3 minutes (the larger the alcohol amount, the longer the freezing time is).

Using iced alcohol in your drinks instead of regular ice cubes guarantees there’s no dilution in flavor, so your drink never becomes watery, regardless of how long it’s nursed. Given that the cubes also freeze at reduced temperatures, the beverages are also way colder, making sure they’re much more pleasant to drink.