7 Gadgets to Help You Get a Better Nights Sleep

With the excitements and stresses of daily life more and more people are finding themselves suffering from insomnia. It can be so hard to shut down our minds come bedtime and this leads to an inability to get to sleep. This has some people turning to pharmaceutical means to get the rest they need, which is obviously not ideal. Thankfully though, there are gadgets out there that can help fight insomnia in a much safer way.

1. Sleep Infuser

Sometimes we underestimate the effect even low noise can have on our sleep. Research shows that noise even between 40-70 decibels can make it hard to get to sleep. This is where the Sleep Infuser helps because its soft white noise creation actually helps muffle more disturbing noise such as humming refrigerators or a dripping faucet.

2. Jawbone UP

The Jawbone Up is a really clever sleep tracking device which can not only monitor how much good sleep you get but also how you might improve it. Using the wrist monitor and the associated app you can track your sleep and also record what you ate and drink. This allows you to discover if certain foods might make you less restful.

3. Good Night LED Light


Created by NASA, this specialized bulb is to be used in the hours before going to bed. Research has shown that exposure to artificial light can over stimulate your brain making sleep harder to come by. These special bulbs release less light than normal bulbs and actually help your brain settle down in the lead up to bedtime.

4. Sleep Shield

Another source of over stimulating light at night is the computer screen and so many of us surf the web and check social media before bed. Sleep Shield is a simple adhesive plastic screen cover that you can put over your laptop or other devices which will filter out some of that excess light.

5. LIfx

The LIfx is a very clever bulb which can create a number of helpful effects in terms of getting to sleep. It can glow purple to calm your heart rate, red to help you sleep, and light orange to help you wake up. This bulb is controlled via wifi from an app on your phone and can be set to slowly increase or decrease light emissions over time.

6. Philips Wake-Up Light Plus

A harsh alarm clock blaring often has us starting our day with a jolt and feeling groggy. It is so much better for us to wake up gradually and as naturally as possible. This then is why the Philips Wake-Up Light Plus is a great product. Gradually increasing in illumination, the bulb mimics the rising sun and also it can play calming noise to wake up by.

7. Ride the Wave

Relaxed breathing helps a great deal in falling asleep and Ride the Wave claims to do just that. Using a slowly flashing blue LED light this device can help you set a relaxing breathing rate which should help you drift of to sleep. Since it is the product of a Harvard medical professor you would certainly imagine it might work.