5 Best Wireless Routers

We are all nomads at heart and we love to travel even if it does only extend to being able to take your wi-fi enabled device into any room in the house. The dependency on wireless tech is growing daily and in order to match up to our needs we must have a good router which will allow us the speed, signal strength and security that we need.

1. Linksys E3200 Wireless Router


Great routers are not cheap as a rule but the E3200 from Linksys is a pretty good budget option coming in at just $100. This easy setup router has a 300 foot range and can support up to 900 Mbps on newer wireless devices. Older tech can still be supported at around 450 Mbps so this is a pretty decent low priced router for the average home.



2. Zyxel MWR 102 Travel Router


The MWR 102 isn’t really a router for home use as it is designed more for a traveler. This low priced basic router is easy to set up and super lightweight meaning it is great for those times you need a router where one is not available. It is not a powerful unit which is why it isn’t suggested for home use but it still has its uses.



3. Netgear R6250 WI-FI Router


If you are looking for some balance between cost and quality then the RG250 is the router for you. This unit is better in quality than your standard router introducing you to the faster internet speeds of 802.11ac. Claiming up to 1300 Mbps (which may be a little inflated) this device definitely offers better power than most of its competitors for a mid-range price tag.



4. Trendnet AC 1900 Wireless Router


Routers can be delicate and temperamental beasts so it is a dream come true when you find one that you can feel sure won’t keep letting you down. The AC 1900 is just such a device with easy out of the box setup and consistent quality from the start. This isn’t the fastest router but its signal range and strength are top quality.



5. Netgear Nighthawk R7000 WI-FI Router


Everything about this router is modern even its appearance which is probably its main selling point. This isn’t a plain Jane looking device with its sleek styling it looks cool so if your router is out in open view the Nighthawk may be your best option. The only problem is that with its fresh look this device is also a little biased and doesn’t work well with old devices, new all the way with this model.