5 Best Waterproof iPhone 6 cases

As a business plan making your phones so fragile that inevitably everyone who buys one will either have get the insurance or pay for a pricey repair is pretty lucrative. Let’s be honest, it is kind of what Apple does with its iPhones failing to follow the lead of other phone makers who make their phones more sturdy and in fact waterproof to a degree. Well Apple, despite demands for a more waterproof model, are failing in that respect so it is up to us to get an aftermarket cover to save our own devices.

1. Joto Waterproof Bag

Arguably the cheapest option to protect your iPhone 6 from the crippling ravages of H2O is the Joto costing just $10. This half ziplock bag half phone cover is simple and easy to use and protects your device even underwater. In fact this bag is designed so you can take pictures underwater if you want. Now this won’t be your permanent phone case however as its design does hamper your side buttons and completely blocks all your ports. [Purchase]

2. Lifeproof Free

Slender but tough the Lifeproof Fre is enough to impress Navy seals when it comes to protecting devices against the elements. This case, which adds little to the actual weight of your device, keeps out water, dust, dirt and grit as well being able to take some serious knocks. With this case your phone could be submerged under 2 meters of water for up to an hour and still come out fine. [Purchase]

3. Seidio Obex Waterproof Case for iPhone 6 Plus

If you have opted for that larger model iPhone 6, the Plus, then you will find case makers seldom market to this larger version. Seidio has though, and their offering is pretty good. Just like the Fre this case keeps out the dirt and the damp as well as having a toughness stamp of approval that would make the marines proud. This case does suffer from hard to open port flaps, however, and if not closed securely can pop open when dropped too hard. [Purchase]

4. Catalyst for iPhone 6

The Catalyst is another iPhone 6 cover that is super tough but is slim enough that you almost don’t know it’s there. It can handle 16 feet of water for up to an hour before any seeps in so no fear of toilet bowl drops or deep puddles here. This case also has grippy rubber sides so less chance of dropping it in the first place. Actually this is a dang near perfect case because it hinders nothing and protects all. [Purchase]

5. Lunatik Aquatik

Clumsy iPhone 6 owners may well just be buying a cover to protect them until the Lunatik Aquatik finally goes on sale. This case by all reports is going to be the toughest on the market and will take a licking like no other. With a tough lattice design, gorilla glass screen and slim styling this will likely be a huge hit for those who need extra protection for their phone. The lattice pattern will help disperse impact giving extra protection while the tough tight case will keep out the elements. It will be the most expensive on the market but in terms of savings it will probably be worth it.[Purchase]