5 Best Waterproof Cameras

When you go on vacation you really want to capture your amazing memories and to do that you need a good camera. But what if your getaway features a lot of aquatic fun? Well in that case you need a camera that can really do justice to the fun you are having both above and below the water’s surface, you need a waterproof camera. Unlike standard cameras, waterproof cameras are designed not just to function in water but also produce great images in what are essentially difficult imaging conditions.

1. Nikon 1 AW 1

This waterproof offering from Nikon is highly praised for its adaptability as it allows you to switch between standard and water imaging lenses with ease. You can take this camera down to around 50 feet below the waves for up to an hour without much fuss. This makes it great for amateur divers and snorkelers looking to catch some tropical fish action. Producing 14 megapixel images it can capture 15 frames per second in short bursts and has a stunningly quick auto focus. This is also a tough little camera that can take a 6 ft drop onto a hard surface like a champ. [Purchase]

2. Pentax WG-3

The Pentax WG-3 is a real specialist because it is designed to be used only under the surface and it does a great job of dealing with the tricky lighting conditions. This 16 megapixel camera has triple shake-proofing to reduce blurring and is capable of producing great images in low light without the need of a flash. With 29x zoom you can get close shots without getting too close and you can descend down to around 45 feet for up to an hour. This model also has a clear backlit display that allows you a pretty good view of what you are shooting even if the naked eye isn’t taking it in.[Purchase]

3. Canon Powershot D30

Waterproof cameras for the amateur generally can’t go below 50 feet but with the D30 that is different. Capable of descending up to 82 feet below the waves while still functioning well this is great for adventurous divers. You will probably need an external light source to get images down at those depths and in honesty it is a little limited in quality at just 12 megapixels. Your images may not be the clearest but frankly there isn’t a comparable camera that can go so deep. As an added bonus this camera works pretty great above the surface as well so you are not too limited. [Purchase]

4. Olympus TG-3 Tough

Tough by name, tough by nature the TG-3 from Olympus is rugged and a very capable camera in a host of conditions. It can handle extreme cold and heat conditions as well as the pressures found at 50 feet below water. Offering 16 megapixel imaging it is one of the best out there today and has a host of settings for you to fool around with while searching for that perfect shot. This model also has built-in WiFi and GPS so it can actually tell you where you are as well as how deep down you are. [Purchase]

5. Panasonic-DMC-TS3

If you are looking for great image quality the Lumix is a pack leader offering 16.1 megapixels. It’s extended color range means you can get some stunning images even in low light conditions. This model isn’t the toughest out there and is more at home above the waves or at shallow depths. The Lumix also comes with WiFi and GPS like the TG-3 as well as some clever editing modes to brush up your images later on should they need it. [Purchase]