10 Best Video Streaming Players

We are a society of binge television watchers these days and with streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu we can watch all our favorite shows on our schedules. This has given rise to a whole host of devices that make streaming these services easier whenever we want and wherever we are.

1. Roku 3

The Roku 3 is one of best streamers on the market offering over 1,500 channels including many of the most popular ones. This device includes a double use remote control which not only controls the device but also works as a motion detection game controller. You can also control the Roku using your phone via an app. [Purchase]

. Google Chromecast

The Chromecast is one of the cheapest and simplest streaming devices on the market and is highly prized for its ease of setup. This highly app compatible stick device may be limited right now compared to some of the more advanced devices but it has great room for improvement. As more providers create compatible apps the range of channels available on Chromecast will grow. [Purchase]

. Roku Streaming Stick


Roku, of course, has their own stick like the Chromecast in order to create a portable streaming service. Because it has the backing of Roku it already surpasses the Chromecast in pure content as it can access the over 1,500 channels of the Roku 3. Be advised though, it does not have the remote gaming options of its big brother. [Purchase]

4. Google Nexus Player

The Nexus is one of the first streaming players to enter into Android and is looking like it could develop into something really great. Not only does it stream all the major services but it allows you to play Android games and even display from your Android device on to your TV. The content available for this device is still growing gradually but it is advancing well. [Purchase]

5. Slingbox M1

The Slingbox M1 is a device most specialized for streaming live TV and shows that you have DVRd through your cable box. It allows you to take your live TV cable service on the road with you and lets you access your DVR from your mobile devices. [Purchase]

6. Sony PlayStation 3


The PS3 from Sony is your best choice when it comes to streaming content via a game console. Capable of supporting 22 entertainment apps, it also allows you to sync external devices which can stream more content. This device also plays blu-ray and has a large library of games, couple that with a rapid drop in price for the console, this could be a good buy. [Purchase]

7. Samsung Smart 3D Blu-Ray Player


Some of us love to stream but can’t bring ourselves to part with our DVD, CD, Blu-ray of 3D Blu-ray collections. Well then, the Samsung Smart is just the device because not only does it stream efficiently but it also plays all the old school media as well. That way you don’t have to throw away your collection but you can still find the stuff you don’t already have on hard copy and stream it. [Purchase]

8. Apple TV


If you happen to be Apple through and through then you will probably find Apple TV to be the streaming device for you. This is a pretty good device but without the backup of other Apple services it is somewhat limited. If you have iTunes this device will allow you to stream your music and videos. It also does stream most of the main services. [Purchase]

9. G-Box Midnight MX2


This one is for the tech heads who enjoy a bit of tinkering and don’t mind if things are a little tricky to set up. Designed for X-Box streaming this device is a great interface between your computer and your console and actually works as an Android computer itself. This means that not only does it stream but it is also great for gaming. [Purchase]

10. Tivo

You know the deal with TiVo, I’m sure, and this device captures and stores over the air signals (OTA). This allows users to watch live TV and record content for watching later. It supports most major streaming services as well but does let you down a little on price. The device itself only costs $50 but it does have a monthly fee of $15, still cheaper than a cable subscription though.