6 Best Travel Pillows

If you have ever taken a long bus, train or plane journey you know how exhausting they can be and how much shorter they can seem if you could just sleep through them. The problem is that finding comfort while traveling is hard unless you can afford some crazy first class perk that gives you a private sleeping area. Failing that of course your only chance to get some sleep is a good travel pillow. Here areĀ 6 Best Travel Pillows you can bring on your next travel.

1. Comfort Master

The classic travel pillow shape is the fluffy horseshoe and this is exactly what the Comfort Master is. This shape of course is not ideal for all but some people actually like this neck supporting design that allows you to nod off without getting a pain in the neck. It is a firm but forgiving pillow that will fit most necks and even if you can’t sleep it might just make you a little more comfortable.[Purchase]

2. Victorinox Deluxe Neck Rest

This unconventional travel pillow isn’t really a great sleep aid but is more about reducing fatigue and making you more comfortable. Folding flat for ease of transport, this V-shaped design helps to support your head and reduce pressure on your neck. If you are able to fall asleep by just tilting your head back and do not tend to move from an upright position this will help you sleep more comfortably. This is not a particularly well padded headrest but it does a good job of minimizing discomfort.

3. Infinity Pillow

Why is this pillow called the Infinity Pillow? Well that’s simple, because this is one of the more durable and one of the only travel pillows with seemingly endless ways of using it. This soft padded strip-like pillow can be folded, tucked or wrapped in a whole host of ways to create a soft place to rest your head. It can be used behind the head, to the sides, even on a tray table so you can lean forward. Essentially after a little bit of experimenting you will probably find a comfortable position with this pillow to get some precious sleep. [Purchase]

4. Cabeau Evolution

The Cabeau Evolution is designed along the classic horseshoe shape but adds a lot of little extras. With elevated memory foam sides this pillow offers more neck support than the average travel pillow. It has side toggles that allow you to adjust the fit for better comfort and it has an in built pocket for your smartphone or MP3 player. So if music helps you drift off then your device is right at hand with your own special brand of lullaby. [Purchase]

5. J Pillow

This is a really weird looking pillow and frankly more immature minds might find it comical, but it was designed by someone who gets the need for comfort. A flight attendant designed this pillow and what they don’t know about long haul travel isn’t worth knowing. Designed in a somewhat distorted 3D J shape this pillow is intended to stop your head from falling forward while cushioning the side of your face. This does mean that you need a wall to lean it against but if you tend to lean to the side when resting during travel this could be a good pick for you. [Purchase]

6. Travelrest Pillow

The only inflatable offering on this list, the Travelrest Pillow may scare a few people off. People are often turned off by the need of inflating and the risk of puncture which is of course understandable. However, this is a pretty good pillow which has a great ergo-dynamic design and is surprisingly comfortable to use. Couple those factors with the fact that it folds down to virtually nothing and you have a pretty handy travel pillow.The really cool thing about this pillow is that you can use it in a host of positions and even under fill it to be able to fold it in half. Being able to fold the pillow obviously gives better support. [Purchase]