5 Best Trail Running Shoes

There is no denying that running for exercise is great but the problem is if you are just running upon the roads and sidewalks around your town it can get pretty boring. Increasingly these days people are taking up trail running, that is to say they find a hiking trail and run it rather than walk. This is better for two reasons, firstly it is more challenging than a flat asphalt road and secondly it is just nicer to get out into nature a little bit. The only problem is with running these trails is that you will probably need a good pair of trail running shoes to keep you from slipping on the tougher changeable terrain.

1. Mizuno Wave Ascend 8


We all have to start somewhere on the transition between roads and trails and the Wave Ascend 8s from Mizuno are the best place to start. These running shoes are very much at home on the roads but are also robust enough in design to cope with entry level hiking trails. The well defined tread will help you keep grip on hiking trails while the lightweight design makes road running easy. There is a slight drawback with these runners though and that is an overly roomy toe box. Some may like this extra room although most prefer a more fitted feel.

2. Merrell Ascend Glove


The Merrell Ascend Glove running shoes come from a company famed for its minimalist take to footwear. These running shoes though are a little bit of a departure from their standard style being somewhat heavier, but that works to the positive in this case. The heavier design means that these shoes can tackle some rough terrain. These runners can handle most weather conditions pretty well with a Gore-Tex mesh top that adds breathability. In turns of drawbacks the Glove can be a little unforgiving until you break them in a little so you have to start out slowly.

3. Brooks Cascadia 9

Designed for great traction on snow and ice the Cascadia 9s are a hefty set of runners which will get you the grip you need for off-roading. A tight fit means that you won’t suffer too badly from rubbing and subsequent blisters so you can tackle some challenging trails. Despite being heavy-duty these shoes are not impossibly heavy to wear although they are heavier than road running versions. Once you are used to weight these make awesome winter weather running shoes for hiking trails or roads.

4. Asics Gel-Fujitrainer 2

If comfort is one of your top requirements in a running shoe then the gel soles of the Fujitrainer 2s are just what you need. These cushioning shoes can still handle a rough trail while helping your delicate leg joints take the punishment in their stride. It is a great shoe to get you into more advanced trail running although they so tend to wear out more quickly than some more robust running shoes.

5. Altra Lone Peak 1.5


These comfortable runners are robust but forgiving enough to tackle some of the harder trails that you might want to run. Designed for handling rocky terrain these shoes have a larger than normal toe cap to protect against kicked up rocks and can grip well on most types of surface. However, they are not that great in icy conditions and do not offer much protection from the cold. Of course, this isn’t a problem if you live in warmer climes.