5 Best Suspended Tree Tents

Camping is fun there’s no denying it, but there are some elements that detract from the experience, for example sleeping on the ground. Sure, most tents have material floors and you can lay down padding but it can still be a rough experience so wouldn’t it better to sleep off the ground? This is of course very possible because one of the growing tent trends these days is for suspended tree tents and there are some really great ones out there to choose from. Check out the list below of 5 Best Suspended Tree Tents in the market today.

1. Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2

If you are going to go basic with your suspended tent then the Bliss Sky Tent 2 is your best bet. This tent is essentially a cover that you can erect over 2 hammocks which will keep out the elements and those pesky bugs.

2. Nube Hammock Shelter

A similar concept to the Bliss, the Nube can be built over 2 hammocks but has the added extra of a storage area which would be placed below where you are sleeping. This allows you to stow away your hiking and camping gear. It is made from a breathable material so it won’t get too stuffy on the inside but it also keeps out the elements and bugs very effectively.

3. Cacoon Double

This model is not so much a sleeping tent as it is a chilling while hanging from a tree tent. Designed as more of a covered seat this is a simple product that is easy to set up and which can protect you from bugs and the elements while letting you hang around in the great outdoors. If you happen to be really small and flexible however maybe you could snatch a nap in this tent.


4. Tentsile Connect

Unlike the Bliss and the Cacoon, the Tentsile is not just a tent cover but a full on, all-in hanging tent. With a tough webbed floor that can cradle up to two sleepers happily you are surrounded by ripstop polyester that will keep out the rain and bugs and let you sway yourself to sleep in a fully enclosed tent.



5. Tentsile Stingray 3

If you really want to step up the suspended tree tent camping then a second offering from Tentsile will give you room for three inhabitants. This tent is larger than the Connect but just as tough. It can hold up to 880 lbs and has a floor that would take a very sharp tactical knife to cut through. Weather proof and bug proof you will be comfy in this secure tree tent and up off of the cold ground.