5 Best Sleep Trackers

Way back when in the days before electricity people went to sleep when it got dark and woke up with the sun, thus getting adequate rest. However, since we discovered a way to have bright light 24/7 and especially with the advances of modern technology, we have become a species that stays up late. The modern world with its distractions and industries that work nonstop means that natural sleep is impossible for most. Sleep is vital to health though, so it is important if we find ourselves often to be sluggish during our awake hours that we should assess how we are sleeping. Thankfully there are a host of gadgets that can help you do just that.

1. Sense Sleep Tracker

This sleep tracker goes far beyond your standard wrist monitor and really gets to the core of what might be keeping you awake. Firstly this monitor has a little clip-on attachment which you place on your pillow and will monitor how much you move around at night. The second element is a bedside box which actually analyzes the conditions in your bedroom including temperature, humidity, light and air quality. Collecting the data from both of these devices an app can start to diagnose what could be keeping you awake and suggest a way to fix your problems. [Purchase]

2. Resmed S+

The Resmed, like the Sense, also monitors the room conditions but is different in that it doesn’t even have to be in the bed with you. Apparently what you do is point the device’s sensor at your chest and it will monitor your breathing and movement using motion sensors. Using the data it collects this device also gives you advice via an app which may help you adjust your sleeping conditions for a more restful night. The only problem with this sensor however is that you have to put it into sleep mode as it can not detect the difference between you being awake and asleep.

3. Basis Peak

The Basis Peak is actually a fitness tracker although for that purpose it is only really mediocre. As a sleep tracker it comes more into its own and probably should just be re-marketed as such. It is a wrist worn device which, using your movement and heart rate, can detect pretty accurately how well you sleep. This device is in fact so good it can tell the difference between several sleep states giving you a great impression on your sleep efficiency. [Purchase]

4. Withings Aura

The Withings Aura, like the Sense, comes in two parts: the bed monitor and the bedside sensor. Just like the Sense it reads the room and your movements in bed to assess how well you are sleeping. But there is a little more to this device as it will actually try and help you rest better by producing calming sounds and a relaxing light. Although it does not offer you solutions to improve your sleep based on its data collection which is a little bit of a let down. [Purchase]

5. Axbo Couple SleepPhase Alarm Clock


This sleep tracker is a little more unique than most as it can actually work for up to two users. Designed for couples, there are two wrist bands that come with this tracker/ alarm clock. The trackers monitor only your movement while asleep so the resulting data is a little limited. You can set individual alarms on this device but it is a little limited on features. Its only unique selling point is a two user functionality which some might find very cool. [Purchase]