8 of the Best Portable Phone / Device Chargers

It’s hard to survive in today’s world without our technology being with us, this is why we often have several devices on hand when we leave the house. This reliance on technology comes with problems, the main one being that batteries only last so long so recharging is often needed. And this, then, is why we have a whole heap of portable device chargers on the market today to make things easier.

1. MyCharge Hub 9000

This is one of the simplest portable chargers on the market today and is a very convenient little back up. About the size of an iPhone, this little box can store around 9,000 mAh which may not be much but it can easily be recharged thanks to built-in flip-down prongs. It can manage charging 3 devices at once, making it a pretty handy little gadget.

2. AnkerĀ® Astro Pro2

This may not be the most portable of chargers but it is one of the most powerful you can get, holding 20,000 mAh. That kind of power storage is enough to fully recharge an average smart phone between 6-10 times. Inbuilt PowerIQ tech can analyze the device you are charging and optimize the recharge to be as quick and efficient as possible. The only real drawback is that some devices may require an adapter to work with this charger.

3. Anker Astro Mini

This charger is Anker Astro’s real foray into compact charger territory, resembling a small lipstick, this is a pretty good little gadget. It can only hold 3,000 mAh but that is still enough to be of some use. When it comes to a power v size ratio this little charger is pretty good.

4. EasyACC Power Bank

The EasyACC Power Bank has some pretty decent storage at 10,000 mAh and is also small enough to fit into a briefcase or a medium-size bag without sacrificing too much space. The biggest selling point on this one though is that for the power storage provided it is a pretty inexpensive device.

5. Powerall PBJS 12000R

This clever little gadget is so much more than a device charger, this can in fact be a real lifesaver in certain situations. Not only does it hold 12,000 mAh for device charging but it also has a built-in flashlight and can actually jump start your car if you get a dead battery.

6. Joos Orange

This portable charger is built with the great outdoors in mind because not only will it hold 5,400 mAh but it can also be recharged away from any power outlets. Built in solar panels let you use the sun to recharge the charger which in turn can be used to keep your devices running. Due to the solar panels on this charger it is a little bulkier than most but as a camping back up it’s worth it.

7. Topg Thor

The Thor is a pretty cool charger if you have qi enabled devices meaning that they can be charged wirelessly. It holds a very decent 7,000 mAh and it will also recharge pluggable devices as well. This is really the only current decent option for portable qi charging.

8. Mipow Power Cube


If you are an Apple device fan most of the rest of the chargers in this list will probably require you to use an adapter. The Power Cube is different as it is designed to charge Apple products so it is probably the charger for you. Its storage is modest at 5,400 mAh and its Apple affiliation does make it a little more pricey but it is the most efficient for Apple products.