Top 5 Best Over the Ear Headphones

Undoubtedly, we all use in-ear headphones every once in awhile. The slender, refined design works when on the go, enabling us to easily pull the headphones from our pants pocket. On the other hand, in-ear headphones just can’t match up the sound attainable with a specific set of over-ear headphones. The headphones’ sturdy size can obviously assist with passive noise seclusion, supplying you with a warm, extensive soundscape that merely can’t be matched by smaller sized designs. Over-ear headphones also known as circumaural headphones provide you with various styles to select from. In any way you like your headset, our 5 best over-ear headphones is going to be music to your ears.

Sony MDR7506


Sony MDR7506 Professional Stereo Headphones are perfect for audio checking in recording studios, electronic news gathering, film production, radio, video, – and almost any application where an excellent sound is necessary. It provides a tough design, handy folding structure, and a professional-quality OFC cord. The Sony 7500 Series headphones provide a useful range of selections for everyone from the informal user to the studio professional.

Included in this are the MDR-7506 which is praised by many expert companies and broadcasters. The ear pads will require replacement after several years and the hinges may need a few tightening, but each of those are simple and easy , inexpensive repairs. A couple of exterior defects housing a tried-and-true inner surface make these an excellent purchase for the sound master on a tight budget. [Purchase]

Skullcandy Crusher


The Skullcandy Crusher are full-size headphones which are all-black (red and white models can be purchased as well) and created using lightweight plastic materials. You will find little silver skulls around the earcups and also silver slots for the sub drivers on every side, but from the company which makes a few of the gaudiest headphones in the world, this headphones are fairly subtle in design features. What really sets this pair apart is that normal headphones will utilize digital bass system but these use a full second driver that uses “real” vibrations. [Purchase]


Audio-Technica ATH-M50x


The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x provide superb quality and very precise, well-balanced sound with firm bass. Also, they are very comfy and have a little more padding earcups as well as a detachable-cord style. The ATH-M50 is recognized by top audio technical engineers and expert audio reviewers every year. Right now, the ATH-M50x feature exactly the same sought after sonic trademark, with the added feature of detachable cables. On the huge aperture drivers, audio identifying earcups and strong construction, this M50x offers an unequaled experience for the most crucial audio specialists. [Purchase]

V-MODA Crossfade M-100


M-100 brings together V-MODA’s top-ranked M-Class contemporary audiophile sound trademark with a comfy over-ear form element. A genuine classic work of art made of exotic components and examined to arduous military requirements. Crowdsourcing advancement from more than 200 audiophiles, experts and music icons, the M-100 consists of a lot of innovative developments together with a distinctive CLIQFOLD style that enables for lightweight storage space.

Dual headphone inputs make it possible for real-time combining by permitting you to pay attention to several sources concurrently. An ample set of features, durable construction, and comfy, comprehensive sound with effective bass ensures the V-Moda M-100’s powerful charm for audiophiles with a versatile spending budget. They may be battered and mistreated and still produce crystal clear sound duplication that doesn’t use as numerous electronic to analog cycles which will perspective your audio and contaminate your mix. [Purchase]

Bose QuietComfort 25


The company Bose is dependable and consistent, as shown by the most recent entry to the QuietComfort collection of headphones, the QuietComfort 25. This headphone set enhances on the QuietComfort 15 in certain key regions to make it among the finest noise-cancelling available options, there is however still space for enhancement and modifications.  The QuietComfort 25 model usually takes Bose’s currently outstanding noise-canceling headphones and ranges them up to new levels.

They feature the more restrictive bass that Bose is renowned for, but you could possibly get some surges in both bass and mid-range sounds that may set your teeth on borders. Remember that the whole audio will almost certainly change regardless of whether you use passive or active noise cancellation settings, so just a little testing could repair your wagon if these aren’t providing you with quite the sound you expect from this cost range. [Purchase]