5 Best Outdoor Speakers


Before too long barbecue season is going to be back in full swing which means we will be planning the food, the drinks and lest we forget, the tunes. Now to make sure we have some great background music going on as we eat and drink in the great outdoors we are going to need a good outdoor speaker. Excellent quality outdoor speakers obviously needs to be resilient and preferably play music through any media device you may have on hand.

1. All-Terrain Sound Personal Speaker

The All-Terrain Sound may not be the most powerful of speakers but it is surely one of the toughest. This makes it ideal as a personal speaker that you can take with you on hikes or while camping to help you maintain your sanity with your favorite jams. This is a rugged speaker, able to withstand direct strikes on concrete from up to 12 feet. It is not very loud so it’s not the best choice for a backyard BBQ, but it still has its uses.

2. Dayton Audio I0655W

These well crafted speakers can stand up to rain and are wonderful for outdoor use. Designed for mounting outside you can set these up in several places in your backyard to create a cool surround sound system. This speaker has some pretty decent sound and a more than decent level allowing you to really get the party swinging. Ideally try and give this speaker some shade if you are going to mount it as it is not the toughest.

3. Russound Airgo Outdoor

Apple products are not known for being rugged and tough, in fact the opposite is true. Good thing then that this is not an Apple product but it is Apple compatible. The Airgo can stand up to the rain, wind and a few bumps making it a handy little outdoor speaker. This is technically a dock which means it will stream from your devices but it can also be used as a WiFi hotspot as it can copy signals from nearby routers. It is great for streaming Airplay and makes for a solid outdoor music experience.

4. Klipsch CP-4

It is really tough to find an outdoor speaker that can truly kick out the volume you need. This is because sound waves don’t bounce back in the outdoors like they do inside, so you have less exposure thus lower sound. Well the CP-4 is a surprise offering as despite its small size it can produce some hefty sound. Giving you a crisp sound these speakers work great indoors and out and they have a nice neutral appearance which means they never look out of place.

5. Bose Free Space 51

Okay, so this is not a pretty speaker, in fact it’s kind of ugly so if you are worried about aesthetics this is not the one for you. The Free Space 51 however is a really rugged decent quality speaker which actually is designed so you can sink it into the ground to make a surround sound system. This is basically a tough shell protecting your sound producing electronics which can just be left outside and forgotten about. When you want music you just sync up your device to the speakers and away you go. Resilient to high winds and heavy rain this is the ultimate outdoor speaker.