10 Best Lightning Cable Headphones for iPhone 7 and 8

The headphone jack, that small port that has been essential to mobile audio gadgets and phones for many years, is going to the grave. It is all because of Apple, which began to take the “courageous” action of getting rid of the hole in the name of tossing stereo sound system into the iPhone 7 and almost certainly, all forthcoming iOS products.

Apple’s main reason behind eliminating the jack, nevertheless, is smart. Think about for a moment the intensity to which the company needs to be worried about the real-estate of the mobile phone. Additional space indicates more area for chips, battery power, and digital camera components. There is, however, more to recommend the recent headphones than just their adaptability with the cutting edge iPhone design. These personalized audio devices actually do have a lot more ‘oomph’ to them now because of the lightning cable connectivity modifying the jack.

Rather than relying upon your phone’s less potent digital to analog converter or perhaps an outer headphone amplifier, the lightning cable provides for brands to introduce their particular DAC into their wiring for a much better, more full audio. There aren’t a great number of next generation headphones offered today, but we’ve put together what we believe are the best lightning cable headphones so that you can dump the detachable dongle and choose a set of cans that’ll do your brand new mobile phone justice.



In case you are not enthusiastic about over or perhaps on-ear headphones, but not pleased with earbuds that drop away from your head while on extended runs or driving on the bicycle, then you should think about the HOCO L2 headphones.

Similar to its thinner cousin, the 8-pin wire attaches to a DSP and also DAC chip in the remote that concentrate all their power on offering lossless transformation into analog seems so you get most of your sound in the largest fidelity feasible. The complex and metal diaphragm combined with the powerful magnets in the headsets offer a thorough and resonant base so when you have these connected to the ears on a long run or even intense workout in the fitness center you will get the desire you need to force yourself to the second level.



Check any drawer in someone’s flat or house and you’ll most likely discover a few earlier generations of the headsets tangled up among coins and pieces of paper. Every single one is moderately distinct than the previous, with their sole genuine unifying characteristic being that every single one is better than the last. Such lightning cable headphones, launched with the New iPhone 7 and 7 plus, are not all different.

They provide a deeper, more excellent tone than those that emerged before it so regardless of whether you are listening to the latest country ballad or perhaps a new pop song, you’re acquiring the full experience. Due to an important development on the style, these are also a lot more water and sweat resistant so that you can opt for runs in the bad weather and not bother about shorting out your earbuds.



in case you are the type of person who just must detach from the world and connect into some melodies or an excellent podcast to be able to relax – you know how crucial the actual ease and comfort of a couple of headphones needs to be. Definitely sure, something may sound fantastic, but who cares if you can’t really listen to it for longer than 30 minutes because they sting to put on. Sharkk’s lighting cable headphones, fortunately, provide both Hi-Fi audio and major comfort and ease.

Such MFi certified buds can offer good quality sound because of the oxygen free cable from the 8-pin lightning wire connector right up to the lightweight aluminum casing and beefy drivers, making sure the top quality of the audio you’re listening to isn’t hampered at any stage. Exactly the same attention to depth is paid to both the experience of the earphones and the cable.



Fidelio quality personal loudspeakers has acquired intense followers during the last couple of years or so. They’ve constantly turned out a number of top notch earphones that have either satisfied or surpassed the anticipation of both serious audiophiles and expensive sound neophytes alike. The most recent component of the collection, the M2L lightning wire headphones are no different to that fad.

Similar to most others on this checklist, these kinds of headphones feature an inner DAC and amp, which makes it so audio-nerds will get the excellence of music they desire without needing to lug around an outside amplifier. However, this is not even close to the only thing to advocate these earbuds. Philips also gave plenty of attention to lowering noise in the headphones. They have the ability to lessen this needless quiver or blare by crafting a unique aluminum ear casing that decreases noise and an acoustically covered, ribbon locked partition that stops any sound leak.



The high quality of audio. Fit. Performance. Those are 3 pretty simple and realistic criteria on which to judge a couple of earbuds. We believe that the HOCO L1 lightning earbuds basically checks all of the boxes off this kind of an appealing list.

Initially, we can begin with the excellence of sound. Just what distinguishes this pair from the rest without lightning cables is the microchip contained in the in-line remote. It works the functionality of both a Digital Signal Processor and Digital to Analog Converter. Generally, with a lot of other headphones, the mobile phone works the function of transforming the electrical reception to an analog one, but electrical power limits the headphone’s complete potential. Several chips are attempting to do a lot simultaneously. As consequence, the DAC and also DSP chips execute better when they have sufficient power to take the nonstop run of programs, which is precisely what goes on once they are on the in-line remote.



Headphones are similar to vegemite. You possibly really like them  or would prefer to toss yourself from a bridge than suffer from them continuously popping out of your own ears. For individuals who belong to the latter cluster and are aiming to spare a little cash on the subsequent headphone investment – you will discover the Brightech On-Ear Lightning Wire Headphones.

As you may not be completely knowledgeable about this company, you can take comfort in realizing that these headphones are quite MFi accredited (which means that they were authorized by Apple to create these headphones especially for the iPhone, and also iPad) and that they bear a 3-year guarantee.



For those who have ever put on eyeglasses with a new prescription with them, you understand the feeling. Unexpectedly, you can see. Thoroughly observe. It isn’t that you simply weren’t in the position to realize that you were looking at bushes, vehicles, or grass prior to when you got contact lenses or eyeglasses, it is just that you can now see every bit of the fine particulars. Sony’s MDR1ADAC/S headphones provide the same experience, but for sound.

Sony handles this by doing various items. Initially, there is the integrated DAC. Given that these headphones possess their own source of power, they can devote energy to transforming digital signals originating from either top quality audio files or even lower quality files and then recreate them as the artist desired them to be heard.



HD streaming, as well as audio files, are a big conversing factor among audiophiles as of the year. Tidal has staked a large amount on having the ability to supply ‘high quality’, as features Sony corp with their NW-WM1z Walkman. You won’t manage to listen to really catch any of the good quality those solutions offer, nevertheless, without 24-bit headphones similar to the Brightech earbuds.

While a number of headphones only catch the 16 bit sound that CDs or compacted audio files release, these headphones may get the outstanding quality 24 bit audio – the similar quality utilized in recording music studios. Together with being able to provide you with the finest quality music achievable, the silicone coverings on the buds are effective at lowering ambient outside audio, and the Oxygen-free copper cable guarantees a lossless sound.



Headphones needs to be more about the good quality of sound than how they appear, but Audeze looks so good. They are just about as smooth and appealing a set of on-ear headphones we’ve encounter. It is no surprise then that this lightning cable headphones are produced by Design Works company.

Exactly like BMW develops the supreme driving unit, Audeze’s Sine might be the supreme listening machine with regards to Apple lightning headphones. Such cans have a flat wire that points into an in-line wireless including a 24 bit DAC and also AMP with DSP, together with a mic for having phone calls. This microchip along with the planar magnetic technological innovation drivers and also diaphragms are leaner than a human hair making for an extremely adaptable set of headphones.



Such earbuds provide so much it will be a little difficult to know where to start. Should we begin by describing the awesome sound that appears of the headphones’ 14.8 mm vital drivers? Or maybe it more essential to emphasize the extremely flexible smart modern technology constructed into the headphones? Or perhaps the comfortable fit? JBL’s Reflect Aware lightning cable headphones are amazing.

Most important among the Reflect Aware’s options has to be the flexible and variable modern technology incorporated into it. Making use of JBL’s application, you can adjust your listening much, in the same manner, you regulate the exposure, vividness, and contrast on your pictures prior to deciding to upload them to Instagram. Wish to hear some melodies while at the workplace but still need to hear your employer call your name? The adaptable noise handle enables you to manage the level of outer noise you allow in by means of the earbuds.