7 Best LED Flashlights

We all have a torch app on our smart phones these days, don’t we? So why on earth would we need a real torch? Well that’s simple, we got the torch app on our phone because we didn’t have a real torch to begin with. The fact is an app isn’t enough to really light your way, you do need a real torch to do a torch’s job and if you are going to get one you should go ahead and make sure it’s a good one.

1. Nebo Redline

The Nebo Redline is one of the most respected budget tactical style torches on the market, offering several survival features. This LED torch kicks out 220 lumens and offers a strobe feature which can help to attract the attention of rescuers in the case of emergency. It is a solid torch that has a notched head around the light which can actually be used defensively. The Redline can handle getting wet and can take a beating making it a very versatile torch.

2. Nitecore TM15 Tiny Monster


Tiny, maybe. Monster, definitely, this is a serious torch that kicks out 3,500 lumens probably just about enough to illuminate the moon. There is no escaping the fact that the light produced by the 4 CREE XM-L LED bulbs is stunning making it one of the brightest on the market. With 8 different settings this can a nice gentle torch to read under the covers with or something to light up the whole backyard like a floodlit baseball diamond. It takes a lot of battery power to run this at top setting for a while and it can get a little hot to the touch after a while at full output.

3. Fenix TK41

The TK41 is another high output torch with a maximum of 860 lumens on top power. This model offers four settings, one of which is a highly economic setting producing 10 lumens for up to 240 hours. Essentially this is a great torch for lighting a large area while still conserving battery life. It also features an SOS setting should you find yourself in trouble and needing to attract the attention of rescuers.

4. Streamlight 88850

Widely considered one of the toughest torches on the market this offering from Streamlight is made of a high-impact polymer. It is a pocket sized torch that can produce 130 lumens making it a pretty effective little torch. This torch features a rear on/off switch, which helps if you are using this with a pistol in a self defense situation. Not only is this resistant to shock but it is waterproof up to 1 meter making it a real survivalist tool.

5. Streamlight 90512 Survivor

It may be odd that Streamlight calls the 90512 “Survivor” when the 88850 has better survivalist features but it is still a tough torch. In honesty though the Survivor is more of an all purpose torch which, with its right angle design has chops as a workshop light. It works great as a hands free light clicked to hiking packs or work belts and kicks out up to 150 lumens.

6. Fenix LD01

This powerful little torch is just 3 inches long meaning it is great as a portable flashlight. Despite its diminutive size it can still produce 87 lumens and has a tough construction. The exterior of this torch is made from aircraft grade aluminum and it has a high waterproof rating meaning it is good for a dark and rainy night. This model is considered one of the best portable flashlights on the market today.

7. Zebralight H502

Sometimes you need something that can be attached to you so you can see the way ahead while remaining hands free. Well the Zebralight H502 is perfect for just that use as it is one of the best headlamp torches on the market. With its attached head strap you can a fix this torch and it will illuminate the dark wherever you are looking. It is a powerful 260 lumens torch which can also be used as a 90-degree standing lamp and a handheld torch as well.