The 5 Best Headsets for Video Games

To beat the game you must become the game, or at least become immersed in the world of the game. One way of doing that is by investing in some gamer headphones, which is the best way of getting that surround sound experience as you play. You could of course spend a pretty penny setting up a surround sound system but headphones are by far the cheaper option. Here are the The 5 Best Headsets for Video Games in the market today.

1. Creative Fatal 1TY

The name may be lame but the quality of these headphones is solid in sound production and recording. Prized mainly for its portability the Fatal 1TY will fold away when needed and is really an entry level set of headphones with a low price point. [Purchase]

2. Plantronics Gamecom 780

Another affordable set of headphones the Gamecon 780 from Plantronics has solid sound quality, good noise cancelling and a great microphone. These may not be what the pro gamers would choose but for having fun at home in online challenges with friends these are pretty decent. [Purchase]

3. Astro A50

Wireless headphones are often plagued with lag when it comes to sound in games but the A50 from Astro seems to have cracked that problem. Using a higher frequency than most wireless sets has allowed a quicker audio response virtually eliminating the lag issue. [Purchase]

4. Sony Gold Wireless

The Gold Wireless from Sony as you may imagine is only really compatible with Sony products such as PS3 and PS4. This means that they are great for these consoles and can give the A50 a run for it’s money as a wireless set. [Purchase]

5. Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZXR

The EVO ZXR is the headphone for those who need something a little more adaptable. When you want to switch from gaming, to movie watching and then on to video viewing these are the headphones for you. You can listen to whatever media you like with these headphones although sadly they are weak when it comes wireless use. [Purchase]