15 Best Grilling Gadgets

You can smell a tasty barbecue from blocks away and if you are not on your way to said barbecue you know you are feeling jealous. There is just something about the smell and taste of food cooked on a grill and eaten outdoors. This is why there are so many cool grill gadgets out there and here is a list of some of coolest. Here are 15 Best Grilling Gadgets that will make your grill time easier.

1. Folding Grill Tools

Any good BBQ cook needs their own set of basic grill tools. This will usually include a spatula, fork and tongs, all of which are found in the Folding Grill Tools set. This is actually a special set as it is more compact than most due to the folded design of the tools. Each tool folds out switchblade style to be a full size grill implement. When not in use they fold down into a compact tool carry case. Buy It Here

2. Stuff-A-Burger Press

The humble burger is of course a grill staple but with this gadget you can really bump up the quality of the patty. This clever gadget allows you to form a burger patty into which you can add your own center filling. You can choose any kind of cheese along with other things like chilies, bacon, ham or whatever your mind can conceive. Buy It Here

3. Flexible Grilling Skewers

If you have ever made kabobs on your grill you know that those straight skewers can take up some space. Well this is where the flexible skewers come in handy as you can bend them into the right kind of shape to maximize your grill space. This will allow you to cook more food faster and keep the guests fed. Buy It Here

4. iGrill App

Grill and food temp is always a concern when cooking BBQ, so this is why the iGrill is a great piece of kit. Using temp probes this clever system will monitor your grill heat as well as the temp of your meats. This will then be relayed to your handheld devices so you can actually step away from the grill for a few minutes to circulate with your guests. Buy It Here

5. Tactical Grilling Apron

If you take grilling seriously, and I’m talking war serious here, then the Tactical Grilling Apron is your kind of accessory. This camouflage print hard-wearing apron allows you to strap on some much needed grilling tools as well as a couple of beer cans because you know you need a cold one when grilling. Buy It Here

6. Pizza Que Grill Stone

The outdoor grill is one of the few devices you might own that can actually get close to pizza oven conditions. This is why with the addition of a Pizza Que Grill Stone you could actually make homemade pizza on the grill to really wow your friends. Complete with a built-in temp gauge this gadget will tell you when your grill is hot enough to cook an authentic pizza pie. Buy It Here

7. The Thrill of the Grill

Sometimes you need to stow your grilling ego and admit that you probably don’t know it all. One of the strongest “gadgets” in a good griller’s arsenal needs to be a good grilling advice cookbook. As an example “The Thrill of the Grill” written by grill experts Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby is a great read and is packed with good tips. Buy It Here

8. Vegetable Grill Clips

So grilling is mainly about the meat, right? But let’s be honest, we do have to make room for veggies. The problem is some of those veggies have a habit of falling between the bars or rolling all over the place. So if you are cooking long thin veggies such as asparagus you might find the Vegetable Grill Clip really handy for keeping them under control. Buy It Here

9. Meatball Grill Basket

You cant cook meatballs on the grill, right? Wrong! You sure as heck can cook meatballs on the grill if you have a Meatball Grill Basket. With this clever gadget you can make 12 small meatballs at a time on the grill and due to the perforated nature of the molds you can even cook off some of the fat too to make them nice and lean and tasty. Buy It Here

10. Stake 3-in-1 BBQ Tool

If you don’t care about having a fancy boxed set of grill tools and would rather have an all in one option then this is the tool for you. The Stake 3-in-1 Tool is a spatula, fork and tongs all in one tool, which obviously takes up less space and can be more handy overall. Buy It Here

11. Bear Paw Meat Forks

Grills are very versatile cooking tools allowing you to cook burgers, hot dogs and even bigger stuff like roasts. Now if you decide to cook up a big hunk of meat your standard spatula isn’t gonna help much in taking it off the grill. A set of Beat Paw Meat forks, however, is perfect for picking up and transferring a big roast to a platter. Buy It Here

12. Grand Grill Daddy

When all the cooking is done that grill of yours is going to need a good cleaning, which is why you need a Grand Grill Daddy. This clever gadget has your standard wire bristles for cleaning the bars but also produces steam which will help loosen the most stubborn burned on grime. It’s like a grill brush and an iron had a baby, pretty cool. Buy It Here 

13. Adjustable Burger Press

You can spend hours working and hand shaping burger patties for your barbecue, but why do that when an Adjustable Nonstick Burger Press can do it for you? This press is very cool, you simply place your ground meat in the press, push it down and you have a perfectly shaped patty, it’s that simple. Buy It Here

14. S’Mores Maker

After all the meat is done and the evening is winding down you might be wanting something sweet. Well this simple gadget can let you make six s’mores at a time to round out your BBQ evening. It’s a simple cage that will hold your already stacked s’mores fixings in the perfect shape. Buy It Here

15. Koko Charcoal

Most people with non-gas grills like the standard charcoal option to cook their food. This can be a very smoky option and sometimes adversely effect the taste of your food. Koko Charcoal is unique though in that it is made of coconut fibers, this makes it burn longer, hotter and cleaner than normal charcoal. Buy It Here