Top 10 Every Day Carry (EDC) Items Under $20

Everyday carry, also known as EDC, is not about carrying a complete survival kit on your person all the time, as opposed to what most people might imagine. Rather, it consists of products that you will need to be ready as you go out of your house on a daily basis. Additionally, there are a number of items that you’ll need to keep in your vehicle most of the time as well.

Here are our Top 10 Every Day Carry (EDC) items under $20 for individuals who aren’t as greatly limited by a budget and needing necessary items for everyday use. These are things that provide you with loads of bang for every dollar, so we are focusing more of the higher quality EDC items.



Super efficient and effective with 13 lumens for just about a full day using one battery, the E01 weighs about in at merely an ounce, which enables it to suit on your keychain or in your wallet with comfort. Airplane aluminum and also an IPX-8 rating imply that it’s as durable and lasting as it is affordable. [Purchase]



Constructed with a flip-out enhancement design, the Keysmart helps keep all your keys in a focused spot and provides you with quick access to your house, workplace, and vehicle. Thinner than placing each key on an individual ring, but effective at expanding to meet your requirements, this is THE keychain of keychains. [Purchase]

GERBER GDC MONEY CLIPgerber-gdc-money-clip

Inside the G10 frame, you’ll find a slim Titanium nitride casing which provides you enough space to keep as much as 5 credit cards, all secured by the compact, tucked away blade. Durable and field analyzed, with regards to keeping your hard earned money from the elements, or from a potential mugger!Obtaining the rough-and-ready GDC handy is a great investment in a sense of always ready security. [Purchase]



There is perhaps a single survival device that will most likely enable you to get through awful situations: alcohol. Right, it may not keep you alive, but it will give you your most favorite alcoholic drink when the situation isn’t desirable. Durable as hell, with numerous sizes depending on your preference, this is your small nipper for lengthy days and stressful knocks. [Purchase]



This tiny pack of joy could be all you need to survive for infinite survival, as long as you possess a little refuge. Inside the paracord shell you’ll find handy survival items such as a knife blade, fire-starting tinder, foil, pins and fishing line/hooks. [Purchase]

VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY POCKET KNIFEvictorinox-swiss-army-pocket-knife

As functional as it gets, this is an advanced type of the original blade created by Karl Elsener to be used by the Swiss Military in the 1800’s. Filled with all your fundamental grooming requirements, together with a tiny blade for opening canned goods or working as the definite last line of protection, this is exactly Swiss technology at its best. [Purchase]



Don’t go hauling around a few inexpensive, weak thumb drives that are vulnerable to break the instance the temperature drops or you bump against a desk. Rather, stick to 64 gigs of data with the ultra durable Power Jewel USB thumbdrive. Simple to cling a key ring, effective at enduring a beating, and fashionably simple, it’s the stylish data storage device of preference. [Purchase]



The supreme pocket groomsman, you’ll in no way be distracted by a hangnail once again. Making use of Victorinox’s Swiss Army technology, this folds up to a slim pocketsize, but provides you with lots of control for providing yourself on the spot grooming. [Purchase]



Simply because it’s among the affordable items that Leatherman creates, doesn’t imply it is lacking in high quality. The body utilizes the conventional Leatherman style with easy-access pliers and also cutting blades, all connected to a regular clip for attaching to a strap or backpack. [Purchase]



It’s a Leatherman keychain device without any of the bells and whistles. Stripped down to provide you with only the fundamentals, it can claw, pry, dig, rotate, and slash the all day long. But can chill in your pocket all day without any discomfort. [Purchase]