Top 10 Best EDC Water Bottles

Staying properly hydrated during the day is among the most efficient methods to stay cool against this summer’s relentless high temperature. Consuming plenty of water is also simply a healthy practice to have! For something as important as water to keep close at hand, not just any specific container will work for your Every Day Carry (EDC).

You must choose a reusable water bottle if you’ll be drinking frequently throughout the day, each day. It will save you dollars over purchasing bottled water, and it’s more advantageous for the natural environment as well. A water bottle, similar to other EDC necessities, could be an extremely personal piece to purchase, with lots of elements to take into account.

Here’s our Top 10 Best EDC Water Bottles to make the search easier for you:



Its manufacturers are strictly following the true path of producing quality gear that won’t affect the taste of your drink and keep the water safe for drinking. Its volume gradations and an affordable price make these the easy choice for anyone who prefers a bigger mouth and a durable bottle that makes it both minimal & classy.



Thermos has created a quick-open container which is well insulated, features a mouth that is the ideal size for sipping and a smart design that makes it able to contain much liquid without being cumbersome.




If you are a cyclist, this EDC bottle is right for you. Polar is built strictly with cyclists in mind as it fits in most typical bottle cages. It has an easy grip design with one hand for hydrating while driving. It also features a double-wall insulation which helps keep your beverages cool for a much longer time as compared to other bicycle bottles. It may easily fit in your gym bag to maximize your pump.




You should not risk your life or perhaps that of your passengers as you drink water on the highway. Making use of a straw for drinking including a bite cap, the Eddy keeps a strict seal whilst enabling easy drinking. The connected top will make it super easy to bring by hand or band to a belt, and it’s simpler to wash than your ordinary cup.



Looking for a perfect bottle for your office or for outdoors? This one’s for you. Lifting, camping, driving, running, and even sitting at your table can all make drinking from a large mouthed bottle tough. This narrow neck Sigg Traveller bottle allows you to take a swig easily without spilling everywhere. It won’t change the flavor of your favorite drinks.



Eliminating space is definitely a challenge when you’re likely to carry an item each day, which explains why Hydrapak manufactured the Stash to crumple down whenever not being used, but nevertheless keep its credibility when packed. Absolutely perfect for grab and go, it will be a great buddy while on the move.



For those who live a rather more sedate daily life, then this is certainly great for EDC, but the glass inner surface would not endure lengthy abuse, despite the high-quality silicone sleeve. Alternatively, the Takeya appears far classier as compared to the majority of bottles and will certainly bring a feeling of enhancement wherever you decide to use it.



Entirely eco-friendly, you won’t pay additional for the environmentally friendly production that Klean retains as their stock-in-trade. Available in an array of colors that is able to keep temperatures cold or hot all day long, along with a convenient loop for the belt, bag, or harness all create this a triumph for you and the environment.



You can only find a few number of materials in existence that won’t truly have a little taste with them, and glass is normally one of them. However, for a bottle that you carry throughout the day, it’s unsafe. That is the reason why Lifefactory gives this glass bottle a comprehensive silicone casing. It blends all of the dirt free and clear taste with sufficient fortification for the bumps you encounter all day.



One of the most distinguishable and newest bottles in the market, Hydro Flask has a winner here. It features a lifetime approved warranty that they’re pleased to honor should this crash in the line of duty. The stainless steel bottle is food-grade 18/8  and won’t taint the taste of your drinks. Additionally, the insulating material will keep things warm for half a day.