Best Coffee Makers for Camping

Getting out into the great outdoors to go camping is a great adventure and something we all should do at least once. When you do decide to rough it for a little while you tend to give up a few creature comforts but one thing that most don’t give up is that morning cup of coffee. There has always been some means of making a cup of coffee available for those camping out but these days there are some really clever gadgets to make sure it’s a really good cup. Check out these 8 Best Coffee Makers for Camping and choose what’s best for you.

1. Cabela’s Campfire Coffee Pot


Way back when, on those long cattle drives, the cook wagon would have probably had something similar to this coffee pot. This is a high quality throwback that can make a goodly amount of coffee for large group camping trips. It may not be the most portable coffee maker but it is very cool looking and extremely simple to use.

2. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker


This is a coffee press for those who like a more delicate cup of java. Obviously you have to heat the water independently of the maker but it does make a decent cup which is just what you need after a night of sleeping on the ground. It is a little on the larger side so it’s maybe not for one of those extended camping trips but it is still pretty good.

3. Coleman Portable Propane Coffee Maker


The Coleman Portable Propane Coffee Maker is a great little option for those who are perhaps taking a camper holiday but intend to maybe spend a night away from the vehicle. Not suited for long hikes due to its size, this coffee pot does it all for you. This includes heating and brewing just like your home coffee pot. This one, however, is propane powered so of course be a little careful.

4. Jetboil Flash Java Kit


The Jetboil is like the Coleman in that it heats the water for you, cutting out on that campfire water boiling time. It is different though in that rather than percolating like the Coleman it acts more like a french press. This makes for a more delicate flavor and far fewer grounds in your cup. Again like the Coleman though this option is not for long hike camping as it is pretty heavy.

5. GSI Outdoor Collapsible Java Drip


This is a very cheap and cheerful option that is great for a cup of coffee when you are way out away from civilization. If you have gone on a long camping trip you will probably have cooking utensils and a pan to heat water. You will therefore find this collapsible drip pot perfect for a quick cup. It collapses down to nearly nothing and needs only some filters and some grounds to help you make a steaming cup of java.

6. Handpresso Wild Hybrid French Press


Designed principally as a one-cup espresso maker, this clever gadget actually works well as a camping unit too. This a small but simple handheld device that uses coffee pods and hot water to make a pretty decent cup of coffee. You do of course have to heat your own water.

7. Primus Flip N’ Drip Coffee Maker


This is another camp coffee maker that will require a camp fire, however you can actually heat the water within the pot. You have a water reservoir built in which you heat the water in, once it is hot you just flip the pot over and the water will then drip through the grounds which are held in the center. This then allows the coffee to peculate through to an attached metal coffee mug on the other side.

8. Rok Presso Espresso Maker


This one is a little on the fancy side and is perhaps less practical for camping although it will produce a very good cup of coffee. You will have to decide if the trade off is worth it to be able to make a great cup of coffee but take a larger maker. It is a very trendy looking piece so if you want to impress your fellow campers this might be what you would like.