6 Best Budget Earbud Headphones

Slap a name on it, cram it with features and make it look like some modern art piece and you can charge an arm and a leg for it. That is what is happening in he tech market these days and headphones are just one must have item that is receiving this treatment. The truth is though, we don’t really need excessively crafted earbuds with a wanton amount of features to just zone out with our favorite jams. What we need is some good quality, simple, no frills earbuds which won’t break the bank.

1. Panasonic Ergo-Fit

Usually if you buy really cheap earbuds and you don’t really care if you lose them, then the quality is going to be at best so-so. This is not the case with Panasonic Ergo-Fit buds which, at just $7 a set, actually have some pretty good audio capabilities. Using a cross between soft and rigid earpieces these cheap buds are comfortable and make a great seal in the ear helping to cancel background noise. In terms of sound quality they are on a par with earbuds several times more expensive making them a real bargain.

2. SennHeiser MX 365

Some earbuds can be really uncomfortable especially the ones that push to far inside your ears often chaffing the sensitive ear canal. Well these buds from Sennheiser are less obtrusive and fit well in the outer ear area while offering some pretty decent sound for a low price. These are not noise canceling buds as they will allow you to hear ambient sounds but sometimes you need that. At just $17 these are a cheap set which Sennheiser clearly have faith in as they have a 2 year global warranty on each set.

3. BrainWavz Delta

These earbuds from Delta come in at an even $20 and although they lack the frills of more expensive sets they can do justice to all your musical tastes. Whereas some really cheap earbuds can sound muffled and weak these buds offer rich sound that you might not expect for the price. These are an in ear set which are not terribly uncomfortable but of course if you have sensitive ear canals they may not be for you.

4. ZipBuds Juiced 2.0

Creeping up a little in price this $25 offering from Zipbuds is a great set for active music listeners who want a solid set of buds that can take a licking. A novel zipper design to the lead means these earbuds do not tangle up as easily as some making them more practical. They may be a little heavier than some sets but they are practical and of pretty decent quality.

5. SoundMagic ES20

Matching price with the Zipbuds the ES20’s from soundmagic are also $25 and are worth every penny in terms of sound. The braided design to the leads offers an increase in power which in turn offers improved audio. Although they are not completely noise canceling they are designed to minimize noise bleeding in or out which means you don’t bother the guy next to on the bus and he doesn’t bother you. Designed for clarity the bass from these buds is not too strong.

6. SkullCandy Fix

Pushing the realms of cheap earbuds the Skullcandy Fix buds come in at $36 which is cheap compared to some but certainly not in the disposable range. These buds do, however, warrant the money thanks to a clever and comfortable bud design which stays put well inside the ear making them great for the gym or a run. Offering decent sound quality these earbuds also have hidden base ports built in to give you a little extra thump to your music and perhaps that extra bit of workout motivation.